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Prep2Prime Digital (P2P, for short) is a partnership between two golden friends in their prime, Noemi Lardizabal-Dado and Jane T. Uymatiao, who have been in blogging, social media, and digital advocacy from its beginnings.

Nowadays, almost everything is evolving into digital — marketing, social engagement, parenting, causes, crowdfunding, news, customer service, and much more. This brings challenges for the digital parents, brands, or organizations to adopt digital technology in the most effective, yet safe, way.

Why would P2P benefit your company or client?

P2P can help you –

  • Raise brand awareness and create preference and loyalty for your brand
  • Create positive & strong PR with current and potential customers
  • Provide attractive content for a range of products and services
  • Build brand positioning through associative imagery
  • Support a sales promotion campaign for the target audience mentioned
  • Create emotional commitment to the brand
  • Promote your brand alongside the workshop topics by tapping the media values generated by Noemi and Jane through their social media sites.

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As a digital parent, how can P2P help you?

P2P tackles different aspects and issues of digital parenting — cybersafety, data privacy for us and our kids, social media safety, and more.

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How can P2P serve schools moving into the digital age?

Kids as young as toddler age are now learning how to use gadgets. Are they doing it safely? How can schools help elevate the social media engagement of students to include digital citizenship?

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Jane T. Uymatiao and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

Jane T. Uymatiao and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

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