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Digital technologies continue to change the way we live and communicate as more electronic tools get integrated into our daily lives. Look at how our children are spending more time with technology during their waking hours. It is transforming the way they learn, share, connect and grow. Technology isn’t inherently good or bad. It is powerful. The good and bad depends on how we use it.

Technology is here to stay and is only going to grow in relevance. Prep-to-Prime Parenting (P2P) presents the balanced approach to the digital family life in a series of lectures and workshops to parents and /or children. P2P will focus on nurturing three key ingredients to be digitally smart: digital citizenship, digital participation and digital discipline.


1. To give digitally challenged parents an opportunity to know more about the digital world their children are constantly in.

2. To create awareness among school-age children that their access to cyberspace and social media empowers them for social good.

3. To provide healthy ways of using technology that advance academic, professional and personal goals.


1. Youth aged 10 upwards (till Grade 12) and other first-time internet users, and/or

2. Parents of elementary/high school children


1. Social media 101

2. Be a Social Connoisseur, Blogging tips, Effective ways to engage on Twitter and Facebook

3. Making it cool to be a “good digital citizen” (children)

4. A Digital Footprint is Forever… (children)

5. The recipe for being digitally smart: digital citizenship, digital participation, digital discipline (parents)

6. Personal branding — your identity online (children and young adults)

7. A proactive approach to cyberbullying (parents and children)

8. A safe school program to prevent bullying, abuses and discrimination

9. Mom-isms for the digital age – How to engage in social media (parents and

10. Writing Well under the Shadow of Internet Libel (parents and children)

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